Wisdom for Hen Keepers. 500 tips for keeping chickens - Graham, Chris


A comprehensive collection of 500 tips written by poultry expert Chris Graham covers all aspects of keeping chickens including: Becoming a Hen Keeper; Housing and Equipment; Choosing Chickens; Feeding Chickens; Eggs and Meat; Flock Needs; Breeding and Showing; and, Ailments. The tips are grouped logically so that novices can build their knowledge gradually, while old hands might prefer to dip in and out at random or use the index to refer to specific topics. The tips are also accompanied by simple annotated diagrams where required. Illustrated throughout with specially commissioned linocut prints by award-winning printmaker Melvyn Evans, Wisdom for Henkeeping is an ideal companion for newcomers to henkeeping, and also a perfect gift for more experienced poultry keepers.
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2014Uitgever: London, Bloomsbury288 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 1472900049ISBN-13: 9781472900043
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