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op weg naar gelijke rechten! 100 jaar vrouwenkiesrecht


In 2019 it will be 100 years since women were given full voting rights in elections. A turbulent history precedes this. Significant changes in the position of women become clear when we consider how they are portrayed on posters and pamphlets from this period. Where in the beginning mainly romanticized and ideal women can be seen, more and more realistic women come into view, women who fight for equal rights. Especially the suffragettes, fighters for women's rights during the first feminist wave, use the lithography technique to spread their ideas. Advocate Aletta Jacobs eventually makes a breakthrough with the women's movement. How the tilting image of women translates into lithography around the turn of the century, what the possible causes are, whether these changes occur simultaneously within Europe and more can be seen at the exhibition in the Nederlands Steendrukmuseum. The exhibition closes with a number of photo portraits of contemporary top women. Exhibition: Nederlands Steendrukmuseum, Valkenswaard ...
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