True Confessions Of Adrian Albert Mole, Margaret Hilda Roberts and Susan Lilian Townsend - Sue Townsend


At almost 19 Adrian Mole is still concerned about his lunar complexion. He has generously agreed to share the pages of this book with two other well known, if less distinguished writers: Margaret Hilda Roberts, who at 14 has seen a fortune teller who has hinted what life may hold in store, and she was written to the king to enquire whether she is the rightful heir to the throne; and, Sue Townsend who contributes a collection of vivid and "candid" writings from home and abroad. Mad, funny and of course, true ...
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1990Uitgever: Methuen / Mandarin160 paginasTaal: [UN]ISBN-10: 0749302291ISBN-13: 9780749302290