The Noun Declension System in Merovingian Latin. - FURMAN SAS, L.,


'This most recent contribution to the linguistic study of the Merovingian period is carried out by a purely inductive method. (?) The author has gone into a detailed study, with accurate percentages, of all the ways in which each individual case-function, for each declension is expressed in each of the text chosen. (?) The painstaking work of compiling such a statistical index and the practical uses to which it can be applied will lead the world of scholars to acknowledge that something of considerable importance has been achieved. (?) The shortcomings we have pointed out, however, concern only questions of procedure, interpretation, and detail. What is essential is that the author has accomplished a monumental study of the declensional system in a series of important texts, and that his main conclusions are exceedingly well-founded and supported by a mass of statistical evidence which followers of the traditional deductive process in Romance philology cannot afford to overlook.? (MARIO A. PEI in Medium Aevum...
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1937Uitgever: Pierre André
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