The Great War - I was there - Sir John Hammerston (editor)

Undying memories of 1914-1918


Volume One
August 4, 1914, to july 1, 1916
(p. 1 - 696)

Volume Two
July 4, 1916, to October 22, 1917
(p. 697-1534)

Size: 21x28 cm.

"The Great War – My Experience" compiles narratives from individuals associated with World War I. It includes both excerpts from various sources and original content such as photographs, maps, and detailed descriptions. The compilation predominantly features firsthand accounts of the conflict, providing an invaluable collection of photographic documentation of the war, both at the front and behind the scenes.

The book is encased in the publisher's red cloth binding, with gold lettering and embellishments, presented in a hardcover format.

Hundreds of personal testimonies about the First World War, including numerous stories from Flanders such as "The Antwerp Adventure" (pages 171-190), "The First Battle of Ypres" (pages 191-248), "The Second Battle of Ypres" (pages 351-384), among others.
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"Filled 2 the brink with personal stories about World War I, numerous ones in Flanders"
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