The Classical World. An epic history from Homer to Hadrian. - Robin Lane Fox


'Lane Fox's basic message is that an enormous amount is lost in the split that most modern writers make between Greek history on the one hand, and Roman on the other. For a start, despite our usual assumption that Greek civilisation came first, the two cultures developed side by side: Rome, according to the Romans' own dating, was founded less than 20 years after the first Olympic Games. More important, Greece and Rome were constantly interacting, and not just in that Greece was eventually swallowed up in the Roman empire. There were statues of Greek celebrities in the Roman forum from as early as the fourth century BC. And Rome's neighbours in Etruria were eager consumers of Athenian pottery from the sixth century on: the vast majority of 'Greek' decorated pottery in our museums was actually found in Italy. The emperor Hadrian represents the acme of that process of interaction. He was a Roman who more or less became a Greek. (...) It is for this reason that Hadrian provides the linking thread through Lane Fo...
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