The Biography of Alice B. Toklas - Linda Simon


'It's fitting that Alice B. Toklas, 'wife' and literary impresario of Gertrude Stein, should be the subject of a biography...and this is a good one, sensitive and's clear from this portrait that through her possessive affection she not only had a dominant influence on Stein's life but (for good or ill) on her highly idiosyncratic prose. With her acid tongue, shrewd judgment, vitality, and intense loyalty she was a fairly remarkable person in her-self' - "Publishers Weekly".'Linda Simon writes beautifully of Alice's early years in California, of her Polish-Jewish family, of her growing alienation from her surroundings and gravitation toward artists, of her awareness of the isolating burden homosexuality would force on her...entertaining, thoroughly researched. and well-written...with a clear gaze fixed on undistorted truth' - "Saturday Review". 'A study that shows Toklas as she must have been, not 'Miss Stein's obedient shadow,'...but a multifaceted and complex creature with her own tastes and standards...her story is an emotionally stirring experience' - "Washington Post Book World".Linda Simon, in her preface to this Bison Book edition, calls Alice B.Toklas 'a woman who, through a mixture of determination and good luck, invented a new narrative for her life' at a time when options for women were few. Simon is the author of "Thornton Wilder: His World" (1979), "Good Writing" (1988), and other books. She is now working on a biography of William James.
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