The Answer - David Icke


'The Answer' will change your every perception of life and the world and set you free of the illusions that control human society.
There is nothing more vital for your collective freedom than humanity becoming aware of what is in this book.
DAVID ICKE, the man who has been proved right again and again
What is reality?
Who are we?
What mysteries?
What is love?
Where are we?
Why don't we know?
How are we manipulated?
Why demonise the gas of life?
Why is 'climate change' being hoaxed?
Are you New Woke?
Why white people? Why Christianity? Why men?
Where are we going - if we allow it?
What is really behind transgender hysteria?
What is the New World Symphony?
How did they pull off the fake 'pandemic'?
Why is Bill Gates a psychopath?
What is The Answer?
Appendix 1 Dr Richard Day Predictions
Appendix 2 Noahide Laws - human control
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