Studies in Roman Economic and Social History in Honor of A.Ch. Johnson. - COLEMAN-NORTON, P.R., (ed.), with the assistance of F.C. BOURNE and J.V.A. FINE,


A.o.: G.E. DUCKWORTH: Wealth and Poverty in Roman Comedy (pp.36-49); M. GRANT: A Step Toward World-coinage: 19 B.C. (PP.88-113); P.R. COLEMAN-NORTON: The Apostle Paul and the Roman Law of Slavery (pp.155-178); H.C. YOUTIE: The Heidelberg Festival Papyrus: A Reinterpretation (pp.178-209); J. DAY: The Value of Dio Chrysostom's Euboean Discourse (pp.251-275); P. CHARANIS: The Aristocracy of Byzantium in the Thirteenth Century (pp.336-357). From the library of the late Prof. Dr. Tony Reekmans.
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1951Uitgever: Princeton University Press
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