Russian cultural studies: an introduction - Kelly, Catriona

An Introduction


Intended as a companion to Constructing Russian Culture in the Age of Revolution: 1881-1940 (also published by OUP) and covering a later period until the present day, this stimulating, original, and controversial book will not only be a vital resource for university courses on Russian cultureat undergraduate and postgraduate level but essential reading for all those interested in Russian culture in the Soviet and post-Soviet periods.In a wide-ranging account of a variety of cultural forms and sites of cultural production--literature, cinema, radio, television, the visual arts, journalism, advertising and consumerism, music, theatre, the Church--the book sets out to give greater prominence to the processes of culturalreception than in previous texts. The book highlights the role images of national identity, gender politics , youth culture and the interaction of public and private consciousness have played in the formation of cultural forms in the USSR and post-communist Russia. Drawing extensively butcriticall...
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