Philosophy After F.H.Bradley - James Bradley

A Collection of Essays (Thoemmes Press Idealism Series)


This collection of essays -- the first of its kind -- analyses the impact of the thought of F. H. Bradley (1846-1924) on philosophy throughout the English-speaking world. The pre-eminent British philosopher of his generation, Bradley's rich and complex version of Absolute Idealism plays a key role not only in Idealist philosophy, politics and ethics, but also in the development of modern logic, of analytical philosophy, and of pragmatism, as well as in the thinking of figures such as R. G. Collingwood and A. N. Whitehead. The work of a group of Canadian philosophers writing from widely different standpoints, the essays in this volume define both the nature and scale of Bradley's influence and continuing significance in large areas of debate in twentieth-century philosophy. Topics covered include: the history of Idealism in the twentieth century; Bradley's relation to figures such as Bernard Bosanquet, C. A. Campbell, Brand Blanshard, John Watson, John Dewey, R. G. Collingwood and A. N. Whitehead; Bradley's in...
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