Olympische Rede oder Über die erste Erkenntnis Gottes. Eingeleitet, übersetzt und interpretiert von H.-J. Klauck. Mit einem ärchäologischen Beitrag von B. Bäbler. - DION von PRUSA, (DIO CHRYSOSTOMUS),

Olympische Rede, oder, Uber die erste Erkenntnis Gottes (Texte zur Forschung)


'In the second volume of the Sapere series Klauck provides text and German translation of Dio's 'Olympicus' (pp.44-107) with commentary (pp.108-59). This is preceded by introductions to Dio's life and works (pp.9-25) and the 'Olympicus' (pp.25-30), and an up-to-date bibliography (pp.31-43). The rest of the volume has K. discussing rhetorical and literary aspects of the speech (pp.160-86), and its philosophy of religion and theology (pp.186-216) together with an essay by Babler on the statue of Zeus at Olympia (pp.217-38). In two ways this book is especially welcome. In general, it should act as a stimulus to study of Dio by German students (...). In specific, Bäbler's essay points the way to study of the 'literary geography' of Dio: both space within Dio's works and places of reception.' `(HARRY SIDEBOTTOM in The Classical Review (New Series, 2002, pp.45-46). From the library of the late Professor Doktor Nikolaus Himmelmann.
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