New Textiles, trends and traditions, - Chloe Colchester,


Throughout the world the last decade has seen a flowering of decorative textilesfor interior furnishing and fashion, and of textiles as high art. Simultaneously, textile crafts and home weaving have enjoyed their own resurgence. Textiles are now a fast-developing field nurtured by extraordinary public interest in many countries, and many questions are being raised. What is the relationship between art textiles and high art? How indebted to crafts is industrial textile design? What effect does computer technology have on textile design? Chloe Colchester draws together the diverse strands of the burgeoning textiles world for the first time in a single study. Dazzling reproductions of work by the best and most influential… [Titel: The New Textiles]
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1993Uitgever: THAMES & HUDSON Ltd192 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 0500277370ISBN-13: 9780500277379
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