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The Ultimate Recipes for Deliciously Divine Chips


How can you top freshly-cooked chips that are perfectly crisp on the outside and beautifully fluffy on the inside? The answer is with garlic, cheese, bacon, chilli, chorizo, and more! In this book, you'll find delicious recipes for all your favourite chips: Hand-cut Chips, Triple-cooked Chips, Duck Fat Chips, Sweet Potato Chips, and also loads of ideas for tasty toppings and dips such as Nacho Chips, Cajun Chips, Pulled Pork Chips, Parmesan Chips, Blue Cheese Dip, Barbecue Sauce and Homemade Ketchup. It also includes an introduction full of useful hints and tips and has a mouth-watering full-colour photo of every recipe. The humble potato gets a tasty new lease on life in this exciting cookbook!
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