introduction to social psychology - miles headstone, wolfgang strobe and klaus jonas

a european perspective


This brand new edition of the classic introduction to social psychology - the first to be written from a European perspective - has been given a new lease of life. While maintaining its European heritage and comprehensive coverage of the area, the book has been revamped across the board. Changes to the fourth edition include improved accessibility to students thanks to improved illustrations, more use of colour, and a wider, more approachable format. Fully integrated, cohesive and uniform chapters, ensured by a rigorous editorial process. More consistency and conciseness in writing style, structure and coverage. A host of useful, state-of-the-art pedagogical features that catch the imagination. A full range of instructor support via the book's accompanying website. New chapters brought in to reflect changes in the discipline, including first-time coverage of qualitative research. An even fuller European treatment of the topic, with contributions from social psychologists from across the continent. Combining i...
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