I Love the Seaside - Alexandra Gossink

the surf & travel guide to northwest Europe


Surfing and travelling : I Love The Seaside offers the best of both worlds and a little more. For this guide the authors explored and surfed there way down from don't-forget-to-get-the breathe-beautiful-Lofoten in the north of Norway, along the west coast, the shores of Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Holland and Belgium, all the way to Normandy in the north of France.

This guide points out the favourite places to hang out, do some funky shopping, as well as what's on where: events festivals, and cultural stuff along with activities like horse riding, yoga, hiking, biking, visiting a spa or getting a good massage.The authors guide you to the nicest seaside accommodations and coolest places to eat or enjoy a sunset beer, all to suit your budget.
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