I Have Life - Marianne Thamm

Raped, Stabbed and Left for Dead - Alison's Inspiring Story of Survival


In this inspiring tale, Alison, the victim of a brutal rape and attempted murder, shares the courage and philosophy that allowed her to turn her tragic experiences into something life-affirming and strong. With bravery and a keen sense of self-awareness, Alison recounts how she was car-jacked at knifepoint, raped, stabbed so many times that the doctors could not count her wounds, and left for dead miles away from her home. As she denied death that night she later denied her assailants the satisfaction of destroying her life by giving voice to her experiences and refusing to be victimized. In terrifying detail Alison describes her thoughts and feelings throughout the attack and shows how attitude, belief, and choice helped her to survive. Contributions from Alison's family, friends, and the man who saved her from the side of the road add depth to Alison's harrowing story.
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2002Uitgever: Fusion Press288 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 1904132200ISBN-13: 9781904132202
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