Ennadre. Black light / Lumière noire / Schwarzes Licht - Ennadre, Touhami

Lumière noire


Ennadre: Black Light is the first major monograph devoted exclusively to Ennadre - an artist whose visionary depiction of life and death has made him the focus of attention in international photographic circles. By concentrating the eye purely on the subjects depicted, submerged in a background of deep black, Ennadre omits all superfluous, additional narrative elements. He persistently claims that he is "not a photographer", and the unusual methods he uses certainly resemble those of an artist more than those of a conventional photographer. His works are deeply disturbing and cannot fail to have a strong impact on the viewer. They take us aside into the shadows of our civilization and draw us closer and closer to the subject of birth and death - the extremes of human experience.
1996Taal: Duitszie alle details...
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1996Uitgever: Prestel, Munich/New York125 paginasTaal: DuitsISBN-10: 3791317350ISBN-13: 9783791317359