Eight Air Force Bomber Stories. Eye-Witness Accounts from American Airmen and British Civilians of the Perils of War. - McLachlan, Ian and Russell J. Zorn.


Each chapter looks at a particular incident or theme, including: 'Jerks Berserks' -- newly discovered crew pictures and additional evidence relating to the loss at sea of an American bomber crew. Adrift and helpless, were they murdered by a vengeful German U-boat crew?'Skipper an' the Kids' -- a B-17 on a whisky run to Scotland vanishes. Decades later, the author helps discover debris from the lost bomber and recreates its final flight.'Buchenwald' -- a powerful account relating the little-known facts about US airmen incarcerated in Hitler's infamous death camp.'The Innocent Sky' -- rescuers risking their lives perish in a vast explosion, the 8th AF's worst-ever incident of its kind that claimed the lives of both crews and 19 rescuers.'Don't worry folks, I'm happy and fine' -- a last hasty letter penned on the hardstand prior to take-off, words that echoed for generations in an American family.
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1992Uitgever: Patrick Stephens224 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 1852603674ISBN-13: 9781852603670
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