Worldview, Way of Life and Worship - E.I.K. Addo

the Continuing Encounter between the Christian Faith and Ga Religion and Culture

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In this book the author takes up the issue of the continuing encounter between the Christian faith and Ga religion and culture. He provides readers with the various hypothesis of the origin of the Ga people, the history of Christianity in Ghana in general and Christianity among the Ga people in particular. This study presents the world-view of the Ga people bringing out the underlying theological meanings in their rites and festivals. The author looks at how Christians of the historic and Pentecostal/charismatic churches have responded to the beliefs and practices of the Ga people. He draws attention to the liturgical responses from the churches in Accra. The writer also examines how traditionalist have reacted to Christian beliefs. Christianity has been in Accra among the Ga for over 165 years and Ga culture is still a force to reckon with in this day and age. Focusing on liturgical inculturation the author concludes that to continue to make an impact on the Ga people, the Churches should not only concentrat...
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Originele nieuwprijs: € 33.5



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