Engelse editie - Downsbrough, Peter; Champesme, Marie Therese; Welish, Marjorie


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This first retrospective of Peter Downsbrough, an American artist born in 1940 and now living in Brussels, is an opportunity to discover the breadth of his work and the importance in his artistic production in the past thirty years. nnDownsbrough uses a long list of supports: photographs, sculptures, maquettes, wall pieces, drawings, books, films and interventions in public spaces. To be almost exhaustive, we should also add collages and photomontages, and works on maps and on postcards! Extraordinarily diverse, but also coherent and consistent in terms of the themes dealt with, the work of Downsbrough shows a particular interest in language and the structuring of space, in the way things are positioned and allocated -the bases of our schemes of thought and ways of life. He does not impose his own discourse, but underlines the importance of context, evokes relations (spatial, temporal, logical and political) and leaves it to the viewer to choose his or her own position. Organized by the Centre for Fine Arts i...
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Originele nieuwprijs: € 35



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