Thinking futures - Derrick Gosselin; Bruno Tindemans

strategy at the edge of complexity and uncertainty

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Thinking about the unthinkable Today's society is facing challenges of an unprecedented global scale. Economic shifts, ageing population, migration flows and climate change - to name only a few - will provide both new problems and new opportunities. Analyses, instruments and methods that were used in the past to prepare for the future no longer work. How can decision-makers and policy-makers cope with all this? This book offers insight into a new approach. 'Future(s) thinking' is a powerful and research-based method of interpreting an unpredictable, changing and complex environment. It can be applied in a range of domains, from political policy and business strategy to innovation and entrepreneurship. In all of these domains, the disciplined application of future thinking can offer a distinct and sustainable competitive advantage. Thinking Futures is a valuable guide for anyone concerned for our future: from politicians to CEOs, from policy-makers to youngsters and from diplomats to intelligence service dire...
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Originele nieuwprijs: € 29.99



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