Circles of Stone - Ian Johnstone


The second volume in an epic fantasy trilogy that will thrill everyone who loves rich stories of wonder and magic. Desperate to return to his own world to look for the mother he has only just learned is alive, Sylas is nevertheless stuck in the strange realm of the Other. There, his magical powers are constantly growing -- and he has just become one of the first people to meet his own Glimmer, the other half of his own soul living in this mirror world. His Glimmer, Naeo, also has an unusual inborn talent for the nature-magic of the Fourth Way. But there's one marked difference: Naeo is a girl... Naeo, like Sylas, is looking for someone: her father, captured by the dark lord Thoth. But Thoth is looking for her too, and for Sylas -- together, they represent the only thing that could stop him ruling both worlds. To escape him, the two children are separated and sent on reverse missions: Naeo into our world to find Sylas's mother, and Sylas deep into the Other to find Naeo's father. But Scarpia, servant of Thoth,...
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2015Uitgever: harpercollins512 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 0007491174ISBN-13: 9780007491179