Celebrating Board Games - Chertoff, Nina


This beautiful and nostalgic pictorial celebration of board games will transport readers back to a simpler time, when child’s play didn’t involve video games or computer screens of any kind. More than 100 of the best are featured, from the 19th century until today, with pictures of both the boards and the various pieces. They include Animal Crackers, which dates from 1883; Across the Continent (1888); the ever-popular children’s favorite Candyland (1938); Nurse Ames (1944); the mystery game Clue (1950); Elvis (1958); and many more. Some are well-known, others more rare, but they will surely send readers scrambling to their old toy chests to play another round.
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2006Uitgever: Sterling Pub Co Inc144 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 1402738951ISBN-13: 9781402738951
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