Blackbird - Jennifer Lauck

A Childhood Lost And Found


The author describes growing up in Carson City, Nevada, during the 1970s, the shattering effects of tragedy--loss, loneliness, mistreatment--on her family, and her own indomitable will to survive.
With the startling emotional immediacy of a fractured family photo album, Jennifer Lauck's incandescent memoir is the story of an ordinary girl growing up at the turn of the 1970s and the truly extraordinary circumstances of a childhood lost. Wrenching and unforgettable, Blackbird will carry your heart away.

To young Jenny, the house on Mary Street was home -- the place where she was loved, a blue-sky world of Barbies, Bewitched, and the Beatles. Even her mother's pain from her mysterious illness could be patted away with powder and a kiss on the cheek. But when everything that Jenny had come to rely on begins to crumble, an odyssey of loss, loneliness, and a child's will to survive takes flight....
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2000Uitgever: Simon & Schuster406 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 0349114773ISBN-13: 9780349114774
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