Beginning Chinese - John DeFrancis


A complete revision of the first volume in the Yale Linguistic Series, this new version, in pinyin romanization, and aimed at secondary school and college levels, is an introduction to spoken Chinese. It includes dialogues, pronunciation drills, sentence-building exercises, examples of characters, substitution drills, and miscellaneous exercises in the form of games like crossword puzzles. There is a combined glossary-index, supplementary vocabulary for each lesson, notes, and a detailed suggested study guide. John De Francis is research professor of Chinese at Seton Hall University. Yale Linguistics Series, 1. The features of this introductory text for learning the Chinese language include: -Pinyin romanization -Vocabulary of 600 items -Pronunciation drills, dialogues, sentence-building exercises, pattern drills, substitution tables, games and other learning aids, memorization exercises, and a combined glossary-index -No characters are used
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1976Uitgever: Yale University Press566 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 0300020589ISBN-13: 9780300020588