Aristophanic Comedy. - DOVER, K.J.,


'Dover reconstructs Athenian public opinion to determine what attitudes and characters Aristophanes was able to exploit for comic effect. He supports his interpretations with evidence from drama, rhetoric, philosophy, history, art, and the law of Athens. (...) The book is so crammed with information (...) on all aspects of Greek life that one can almost imagine himself sitting in the theatre in Athens laughing at the same jokes as the rest of the audience. In the last chapter, Dover provides a classic justification for reading a dead author like Aristophanes. 'The moral utility of reading the works of a dead author - and whether he died this morning or two thousand years ago makes no essential difference - lies, I suggest, not in the possibility of doing what he appears to recommend and refraining from what he appears to forbid, but in two other directions. First by adding his experience to ours we can look through his eyes at elements of human life which are common to his culture and ours, and can thus criti...
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1972Uitgever: University of California Press253 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 0520022114ISBN-13: 9780520022119
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