In the depths - Klaudie Bartelink, Willem Heijdeman, Ben Stiefelhagen

Highlights from 14 North Sea diving expeditions


“In the Depths: (200 pages large format 25 x 34 cm) offers wonderful pictures of fourteen adventurous and special discovery expeditions to all corners of the North Sea. Breath taking pictures, informative columns and quotes reflect the experiences of passionated divers during the expeditions with the sturdy vessel Cdt. Fourcault. Eight chapters tell the story of the typical area’s of the North Sea. Each area is a beauty on its own having it’s own story about wrecks, flora and fauna.

Unique reefs on the seabed are shown : fully grown shipwrecks, rocks and reef building species. These oases of life lie on a Sandy bottom with an average depth of thirty metres and are nulseries and shelters of our sea. The shipwrecks look like time capsules that show us what the North Sea looked like in the past. The reefs are particularly colorful, diverse and densely populated. While diving, the flora and faunae mapped out, with dozens of new and rare species discovered for the Netherlands.

This biodiversity also attracts other i...
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2020Uitgever: Stichting Duik De Noordzee Schoon200 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 9464025948ISBN-13: 9789464025941