Baking artisan bread - Ciril Hitz

10 expert formulas for baking better bread at home


While "bread" once implied a simple, sliced white loaf from the supermarket, consumers have begun to consider the product in a more sophisticated light. Bread enthusiasts are more aware of the diverse array of high-quality breads than ever before and are seeking out handmade artisan products at local farmers' markets, organic grocery stores, specialty shopsâ?¿even the Internet. Baking Artisan Bread will show that finding these specialty breads is as easy as looking in your own kitchen! Baking Artisan Bread provides a simplified, formula-based approach to baking bread at home, making the mixing, the rising, and the baking itself more approachable and less intimidating. With step-by-step full-color process shots and clear directions, chef Ciril Hitz will show you how with just 10 formulas you can create more than 40 different productsâ??how's that for streamlined?
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