1001 ideas that changed the way we think - Robert Arp


Knap boek van 957 full-color pagina's dik, letterlijk (meer dan 2 kg) en figuurlijk.

"1001 Ideas That Changed the Way We Think" is a comprehensive guide to the most interesting and imaginative thoughts from the finest minds in history. Ranging from the ancient wisdom of Confucius and Plato to today's cutting-edge thinkers, it offers a wealth of stimulation and amusement for everyone with a curious mind.

Within the pages of this book you will find a wide variety of answers to the great, eternal questions:
How was the universe created and what is the place of humans within it? How should a person live?
And how can we build a just society?

"1001 Ideas That Changed the Way We Think" also includes a host of hypotheses that are remarkable for their sheer weirdness; from the concept of the transmigration of souls to parallel universes and the theoretical paradoxes of time travel (what happens if you travel back in time and kill your own grandfather?).

Discover how the Greek philosopher Zeno "proved" a flying arrow neve...
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