Designed for dry feet - R. J. Hoeksema

flood protection and land reclamation in the Netherlands


Few countries exist where humans have exerted a greater influence in shaping the landscape than the Netherlands. Located in the lowland delta of three major rivers, this small European country has fought for more than a thousand years to protect its inhabitants from floods and to reclaim flooded land. Designed for Dry Feet explores Holland's unique challenges in water control and management. Hoeksema begins by discussing the history of flood protection and land reclamation as well as the history of water management organizations. He then focuses on specific activities and projects, such as simple dwelling mounds, 17th-century windmill-powered lake draining systems, 19th-century steam-powered drainage activities, and 20th-century land reclamation and flood protection projects. Hoeksema also includes information about travel in the Netherlands, which he organizes into six excursions designed for those visiting this magnificent country. This book will certainly be a great asset to civil engineers from all over t...
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