Written in the Stars - Sarah Ball


When Gemma Sinclair and her bestfriends were fourteen, they sealed up letters containing their hopes and dreams (along with a packet of Lovehearts and a picture of Jason Donovan) in a time capsule. Now thirteen years later, Gemma stumbles upon the unopened box and the uncanny predictions her old friend Miranda had made about their futures. She had predicted the restless Fay wouldn't find it easy to settle down, that beauty therapist Nikki would wear a white coat and that nursery teacher Gemma would be surrounded by children not her own. Gemma is inclined to dismiss this all as mere coincidence, especially as she has long since lost contact with Miranda. But when her commitment-phobic boyfriend, Adam, surprises her with a proposal, Gemma is both excited and alarmed. For though Gemma has always thought Adam was her Mr Right, Miranda had also warned her not to marry the first person who asked her. .
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2004325 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 0749935456ISBN-13: 9780749935450
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