Wilderness Survival Skills: How to Stay How to Stay Alive in the Wild With Just a Blade & Your Wits - Holtzman, Bob


Wilderness Survival Skills is an outdoor survival guide that utilizes the most popular and versatile tool carried by every hiker, camper and hunter: the knife. It provides you with the essential information and life-saving techniques for all survival situations, including hunting, fishing, and trapping, building a shelter, making a fire, self-defense, and carving useful tools. Each chapter presents the knife skills and activities essential for wilderness survival, including: using a knife and axe, carrying and caring for a knife, securing food with a knife, sharpening an axe, and constructing watercraft with a knife
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2018Uitgever: Chartwell Books192 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 0785836357ISBN-13: 9780785836353
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