The Long Eighth Century - Wickham, Chris


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Chris Wickham

Concepts of the early medieval economy

1 (34)

John Moreland

Exchange and politics: the eighth-early ninth century in Denmark

35 (34)

Ulf Nasman

The significance of production in eighth-century England

69 (36)

John Moreland

Roman cities, empora and new towns (sixth-ninth centuries)

105 (16)

Adriaan Verhulst

The role of the monasteries in the systems of production and exchange of the Frankish world between the seventh and the beginning of the ninth centuries

121 (28)

Stephane Lebecq

Before or after mission. Social relations across the middle and lower Rhine in the seventh and eigth centuries

149 (18)

Ian Wood

Marseille and the Pirenne thesis II: ``ville morte''

167 (28)

S.T. Loseby

Some considerations on the coinage of Lombard and Carolingian Italy

195 (30)

Alessia Rovelli

Production, distribution and demand in the Byzantine world, c. 660-840

225 (40)

John Haldon

Production, exchange and regional trade in the Islamic East Mediterranean: old structures, new systems?

265 (80)

Alan Walmsley

Overview: production, distribution and demand, II

345 (34)

Chris Wickham



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