Trance State - John Case


Don't let them inside your head. Don't let them play their mind games with you. Because they're merciless. And they'll kill to win...The Swiss-based Institute of Global Studies seems like the kind of philanthropic body any idealistic young scientist would want to work for. But when Lew McBride gets involved with them, his life takes a horrific turn. Something terrible is happening in Adrienne Cope's life, too. Her sister has died in mysterious circumstances. The only clues about what might have happened are locked away in a psychiatrist's files. And when she investigates, she discovers that the psychiatrist, while no figment of her imagination, doesn't exit. What is it that connects Lew McBride, Adrienne Cope, the psychiatrist and the Institute together? What takes Adrienne and the psychiatrist on a terrifying chase across the USA and Europe? Why should the CIA get involved? And why does the body-count start to rise alarmingly? Trance State is the spellbinding new thriller from the author of the international bestsellers The Genesis Code and The First Horseman.;Chilling in its authenticity, relentless in its page-turning pace, Trance State is a novel that will have you praying that it's only fiction.
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2001Uitgever: Randomhouse455 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 0712670696ISBN-13: 9780712670692
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