The New Décor - Daria Zhukova, Ralph Rugoff et al.


Moscow / London: Garazh / Hayward Gallery, 2010. sewn pb. Galleries and museums in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, England, the United States, China, and Japan provided works for this exhibition at the the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art. Originating in the Hayward Gallery in London, the exhibition moved to Moscow in the fall of 2010, where new works were shown and additional artists took part. The exhibition seeks to shake up the way we look at ordinary objects by taking everyday things, often pieces of furniture, and arranging them in new ways. A page of commentary on each artist gives clues to interpreting their works and puts them in the context of the artist's overall oeuvre. 159 p., 27 cm, 68 color illus., Rus. and ENGLISH. Item #1014
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ISBN-10: 5903888208ISBN-13: 9785903888207
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