The Country Escape - Walker, Fiona


Hidden amid lush Herefordshire parkland, Eardisford is the ultimate English country retreat and it's just been sold for the first time in its history. Romantic daredevil Kat Mason has been bequeathed the estate's lakeside sanctuary, Lake Farm, until she dies or marries. But the new owners want her out now ...In rides charming playboy Dougie Everett, the man hired to sweep Kat off her feet and off the property. Although pursuing the Hollywood dream has not been all he'd hoped, Dougie loves nothing more than the thrill of the chase, but does he risk losing his heart along the way?
2014Taal: Engelszie alle details...


2014Uitgever: Central Book House704 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 0751547999ISBN-13: 9780751547993
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