The battle of Königsberg : the struggle for the East Prussian capital, october 1944 to april 1945. Second edition. - Taylor, Brian.


From October 1944 to April 1945 the Red Army fought a bloody campaign to destroy the German Army in East Prussia, and capture the capital of the province, Koenigsberg. This book follows the course of one of historys forgotten battles, the fall of the city of Koenigsberg. It covers in detail the desperate battles the Germans fought to hold off the Red Army, from the Soviet Memel and Gumbinnen Offensives of October 1944, which saw Russian soldiers break into the frontier districts of East Prussia, to the final stand of the German defenders of Koenigsberg in April 1945. The German generals, Erhard Raus of the Third Panzer Army and Otto Lasch of Fortress Koenigsberg were faced by enemies both external and internal. Their struggle to defend the city after the great Soviet offensive of January 1945 was hampered by the activities of the malevolent Gauleiter Erich Koch, and the obstinate refusal of Hitler to countenance any operation flexibility. Drawing on primary sources, The Battle of Koenigsberg recounts the terr...
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