Structural Change and Industrial Development in the BRICS. - Naudé, Wim / Adam Szirmai / Nobuya Haraguchi (eds.).


The global economy has been irrevocably changed by the dramatic economic rise of their five countries collectively referred to as the BRICS - Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. This book plots their rise and provides a unique analysis of the patterns of structural change that has accompanied the development of these countries. Focusing particularly on the manufacturing sector as a potential engine of growth, it asks how and why did the manufacturingsector emerge in these countries, what accounts for the spectacular manufacturing success of China, what are the differences between the experiences, including successes and failures of the BRICS, andwhat lessons are there for the industrial policies that many other countries are today trying to implement?
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2015Uitgever: Oxford, University Press, 2015.492 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 0198725078ISBN-13: 9780198725077
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