Social Media Marketing - Stephan Dahl


Social media has quickly become part of the fabric of our daily lives, and as we flocked to it, so have most companies and organisations from every sector and industry. It has soon become the place to attract and sustain our attention. But how is it a new marketing activity and how is it similar to previous practice and customer behaviour? Does it require new modes of thinking about human networks and communications or do the existing conceptual models still apply? This book offers a critical evaluation of the theoretical frameworks that can be used to explain and utilise social media and applies them to fun real-life examples and case studies from a range of industries. These include brands such as Apple, Budweiser and Nike on social media websites including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Myspace and Pinterest. It considers the different types of social media users and covers topics such as brand loyalty, co-creation, marketing strategy, measurement, mobile platforms, privacy and ethics. As well as tracing the ...
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