Roza Bal. The Tomb of Jesus. - Fida Hassnain and Suzanne Olsson.


An amazing first-hand journey to Kashmir-a look into the evidence that Jesus survived crucifixion-proof that he lived and died in Kashmir and is buried in the famous tomb known as Roza Bal. Meet the family who claim that Yuzu Asaph, Jesus, is their ancestral grandfather. Learn about the efforts to create a DNA profile of Jesus' family.From John the Apostle to Saint Thomas, many were with Jesus years after the crucifixion who have historically verified his journey. Records in Kashmir mention his wife named Marjan and their son, Ely-Kim-the same son that Saul met on the road to Damascus known as Ely-mar, 'a man with a great mind'. The most startling revelation of all? Jesus lived to fullfill the last words on the titulus, he lived to become 'King of the Jews' in India. This is a troubling and factual investigation,but necessary for a complete study of the life of Jesus after crucifixion, a life that leads us directly to his tomb and his Grail children hidden away in Paradise on Earth, Kashmir.Behind this book have gone years of danger, personal hardships,and threats from fundamentalists to bring you the research of two world experts, best known for their intimate knowledge of the tomb of Jesus. Share their journey of discovery into his tomb. Enter the world of Roza Bal.
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