Rechtsmethoden in Europa. - Hager, Günter.


English summary: In the modern age, the development of the law has been influenced decisively by judicial decisions. This leads to the question of what methods judges use in decision-making. Since a legal methodology in the 21st century cannot remain limited to national law, Gunter Hager analyzes legal methods in Europe against the backdrop of a common intellectual heritage. He focuses on the interpretation of laws, the application of case law as well as judicial development of the law. The author develops the decisive principles using key decisions from the German, French and English legal systems. He pays special attention to the influences of civil rights and human rights, and concludes with his thoughts on a theory of decision-making. German description: Eine juristische Methodenlehre kann im 21. Jahrhundert nicht auf das nationale Recht beschrankt bleiben. Gunter Hager analysiert deshalb die Rechtsmethoden in Europa vor dem Hintergrund eines gemeinsamen geistesgeschichtlichen Erbes. Im Mittelpunkt stehen...
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2009Uitgever: Tübingen, Mohr Siebeck, 2009.368 paginasTaal: DuitsISBN-10: 3161498410ISBN-13: 9783161498411
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