Presentation Skills 201 - William R. Steele


There are dozens, perhaps hundreds of books on the market that serve as step-by-step guides for creating and delivering business presentations. This is not one of those books. Presentation Skills 201 assumes that you are already equipped with the basics and know-how to make a decent presentation. Instead, you will learn how to enhance your skills to become a more engaging, more persuasive, and more effective presenter.Presentation Skills 201 provides more than 70 time-tested tips that Bill Steele has honed during his career as a presentation coach. Implement just a few of them and you will see significant, career-building improvement in your presentations. Implement a few more, and you will stand out from the crowd when strong impressions count the most. Presentation Skills 201 is one of the most important business reference books you will ever own. If you implement just one new idea with each presentation you make, you will soon be at the top of your "A" game.Don't get left behind in your competition's dust-...
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