Payback. Reaping the Rewards of Innovation - Andrew, James P.|Sirkin, Harold L.


If you're like most people, you bet your career and company on innovation--because you must.Payback: Reaping the Rewards of Innovationoffers you a new way to think about and manage innovation that will dramatically improve the odds of success. Authors James Andrew and Harold Sirkin, senior partners in The Boston Consulting Group, describe an approach to managing innovation based on the concept of a cash curve--which tracks investment against time. They ask the questions you need to ask: How much should you invest in a new product or service? How fast should you push it to market? How quickly can you get to optimal value? How much additional investment should you pour into sustaining and building the product or service? Paybackoffers you practical and economically sound advice on when to pursue cash flow indirectly by first pursuing other benefits, such as brand and knowledge. It also shows you how to reshape the cash curve by using different business models - integrator, orchestrator, and licenser - each of w...
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