NEW YORK, photographs by Lance Lensfield - Lance Lensfield


Like many photographers, Lance Lensfield never goes anywhere without his camera, but his vibrant shots of city streets take viewers to unique and wonderful destinations. The photos in New York show us a city of extremes: of immense optimism and unrestrained silliness, of quiet desperation and somber thoughtfulness. Taken before and after the September 11th attacks, Lensfield's images project his own sensitivity to the impact those events had on New York and its people, yet he restrains from sentimentality, choosing instead to remind us in subtle ways of New York's vitality and strength. From Manhattan to the Bronx, Queens to Brooklyn, these dynamic, technically brilliant large format duotones are as powerful and nuanced as the city itself
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2002Uitgever: Te Neues128 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 3823855794ISBN-13: 9783823855798
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