Medals of the British Army and how they were won. - Thomas Carter.


• Complete guide and battle history of Britain's military emblems of honor "The Sun will never set on the British Empire." This famous adage speaks of the might and the extent of the British Empire. Truly, it extended over such a huge expanse of the globe that the sun truly could never set on the great Empire. But the British people, the Government and the Crown would always remain grateful to the great army of the nation, those brave men and women who walked into all kinds of situations and to make sure that the British flag always stroked the high wind. And each and every achievement of this glorious army was recorded by a grateful people. Medals were bestowed on these great soldiers, every medal unique and commemorative of the valiant wars fought by these men. Medals of the British Army by Thomas Carter records the events that led to these medals being conferred on the British Army. Containing pictures and plates of these very medals, this book is every bit a collector's edition for the war enthusiast. About the Author Thomas Carter is military historian and militaria collector, who has researched the background to British military medals for many years.
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