Le Dieu inconnu et la Gnose. - FESTUGIÈRE, R.P.,


'With this volume Father Festugière completes a task of exposition begun over ten years ago (?). As int the former sections of his great work, he has not confined himself to setting forth Hermetic doctrine, but has thoroughly explored every corner of the later Greek and Latin philosophic and religious writings likely to throw light on the complicated and often incoherent material furnished by the Hermetica which have come down to us complete or in fragments. (?) The whole work is an important contribution you our understanding of certain important phases of the religious thought of late antiquity, and forms a worthy conclusion to the great exposition of the Revelation of Hermes.? (H.J. ROSE in The Classical Review (New Series), 1955, pp.276-278). From the library of Prof. Carl Deroux.
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1954Uitgever: Gabalda
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