The Keys to the Street - Ruth Rendell


Lush green by day, darkly sinister by night, Regent's Park hosts an underworld of drug ushers and thugs, of London's homeless and the unseen killer who is impaling them, one by one, on the ornate railings that encircle the park. Theirs is a world light years away from Mary Jago's elegant new home and museum job across the park. Mary, in an uncharacteristic act of self-assertion, has left her abusive boyfriend and, in an act of humanity, has donated her bone marrow to a stranger. She then meets the fragile young man whose life she saved--Leo, flesh of her flesh, bone of her bone, a twin soul--and becomes deeply involved with him. But Mary's boldness has its price. Among the park's shattered hopes and new dreams, something dark and deadly waits for her ... eager to rob her of something more precious than life.
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1996352 paginasTaal: EngelsISBN-10: 0385255985ISBN-13: 9780385255981
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