Geld und Wirtschaft im Römischen Reich des vierten Jahrhunderts n. Chr. - MICKWITZ, G.,


?This is an important contribution to the social and economic history of the fourth century A.D. The author is dissatisfied with the generalisation which sums up its financial system as merely a retrogression from the money economy of an advanced civilisation to the more primitive stage of natural economy, and he sets himself to prove by an exhaustive examination of all available sources of evidence that such a view needs serious modification. Foremost (?) in importance is the witness of the papyri, and a very valuable feature of the book is a list of them arranged chronologically (?). The list fills 38 pages and contains much new material. But all the other evidence, literary and epigraphic, is equally at the author?s command. (?) The ground covered by the author in leading up to, and working out, his main thesis can best be seen by an enumeration of the divisions into which his works falls: a preliminary discussion on the price definition of the various economic systems is followed by chapters dealing with...
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1965Uitgever: Hakkert
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