Eine Eine Handvoll Leben : meine Kindheit im Gulag. - Dahlhoff, Monika.


Monika Dahlhoff (born in 1940) was still an infant when she lost her father, a serviceman who was killed in action. In 1944 the family fled from Königsberg taking refuge with the grandparents in the countryside. The mother moved onto the West to find a place for the family where they were safe from the Russian invasion. However the Russian soldiers were faster. The grandparents were shot to death, and Monika and her younger brother were deported to a Russian labor camp.
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2015Uitgever: Köln, Bastei Lübbe, 2015.268 paginasTaal: DuitsISBN-10: 3404607147ISBN-13: 9783404607143
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